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Liquids for oil painting

1. Solvents. Using to dilute oil paints and clean brushes. There are many brands and types, but the world’s most favorite, odorless and natural is Gamsol😁 does not have a smell and allow you to paint indoors 👌🏼

*Lifehack: you don’t have to pour out used solvents - just leave it for a night and next day paints settled down and the liquid become clean and ready to use😁

You don’t need to wash brushes with soap and water after every use. Cleaning it with a solvent will be enough.

2. Oils. Using to recover true colors&saturation from previous layer, helps to mix layers, slower drying. •Refined linseed oil 👌🏼is liquid and after you apply it on your dried(!) layer you need to dry extras with paper towel otherwise there will be drops. •Solvent-free gel (safflower + alkyd resin). As a gel give you more control when applying, dries faster than oils.

*Lifehack: you can add a small amount of oil on a pallet to mix paints 👌🏼

3. Varnishes. Using on finished and dried painting to saturate and protect colors. You can choose glow or matte finishing. Gamvar is my favorite.

4. Murphy oil soap. Using for a deep brush cleaning. Just sink your brushes for a night in this soap and wash them with brush soap after - almost like new