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Diver We go deep

By brush in Photoshop
Print on canvas approximately 24’’x36’’ / 61x91 cm, depends on painting’s ratio.

All my life I felt this inner spring and pressure that I have to suppress myself. That I am not accepted by people and society the way I am. That in order to be around people I have to adjust and suppress parts of me. And I did, I was a good girl. Got 3 degrees, got a “normal job”, stayed away from troubles. But people could feel it anyway, no matter how good I hide it. Usually getting attracted and terrified at the same time. I was staying at this fancy night club/restaurant sober, cheerful and a man came to me saying: You look like a trouble.
- So this ballerina dress does not help?
- No
Now I feel that these inner pressure, yearning and fears don’t let me to live a “normal” life. Which quite honestly was never interested to me. So I finally get into my shadow to open and explore it. With every inch I go deeper I feel these fears go away. And I’ll take this road less traveled to make the difference.

Overpaint I did on the draft I created with AI.

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